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Training Arms Everyday for Mass

Workout Arms Everyday

It might sound crazy, but training arms everyday for 30 days works well for anyone who wants more mass in their biceps and triceps.

If we concentrate only on the biceps for example, we would recommend using the following training schedule, while still maintaining your regular training schedule that you follow.

First pick a biceps movement that works for you, a movement like preacher curls, standing barbell curls or hammer curls. Whatever movement you choose should be a movement that you feel directly on both your biceps. Using this movement you then do the following:

Set 1: Warm-up using a light weight.

Set 2: Perform 6 reps using a weight you could easily do 10 reps with.

Sets 3-6: Do 3 strict reps in each set, using as heavy weight as possible.

Sets 7-9: Do 3 loose reps, using a slight cheat lifting as much weight as you can, 10-20% more reps than you did in preceding sets.

Set 10: Use 50% of this max weight you used to end off your biceps blowout doing as many strict reps you can.

Remember, that when you're doing this routine every day, you'll feel weaker on some days and have to use less weight. Some days you'll start feeling a bit stronger and you should add more weight if possible. The key is to use both styles (loose and strict) always striving to lift as heavy as you can.

The third part of this schedule above when you do 3 to 6 sets, your goal is to lift the absolute heaviest load you can lift using strict form. The same will apply for the next part doing 7 to 9 sets of 3 reps. You're objective is still to lift the heaviest weight you can, but lesson the load only to reduce your cheat.

This schedule should be only done for 3 to 4 weeks; obviously biceps would then be excluded from your normal training schedule for the time you're training them every day. You'll get very noticeable growth. Doing daily heavy work to the point of failure will increase your biceps' capacity for recruiting more fast-twitch fibers.

The end result after doing this insane biceps slam every day for 3 or 4 weeks is that your biceps start getting larger when you get back to your normal training schedule, because they have increased their capacity to recruit red muscle fibers (fast-twitch).

It should be advised that you also adjust your protein intake before starting this 3-4 week ramp on your biceps.

Make sure daily protein intake is increased to around 1.5 grams per pound of your body weight every day. This means that a 200lb bodybuilder should consume 300 grams protein every day.

Carbohydrate intake is 2.0 grams per pound of your body weight every day.

Eat no less than 18 calories per pound of your own bodyweight daily. For example the 200 pounds bodybuilder would need to eat at least 3,600 calories a day if he was training hard.

Dietary fats would amount to 800 calories for our 200 pound bodybuilder, around 100 grams.

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