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Vince Gironda Steak and Eggs Diet

Vince Gironda Diet Plan

Vince Gironda was an innovator that broke new ground with his weight training methods as well as his idea on how to eat for building muscle and losing fat at the same time. Today we call this iron guru's innovative ideas on eating high protein Atkins Diet, Keto-diet, Banting, Noakes High Protein diets and many other names that continue to capitalize on what many believe was first popularized by Vince Gironda.

The idea of eating high protein low carb diets is based on a very sound argument. If we consider that for the last 100,000 years or so the primary source of nutrients we would get to sustain ourselves came from protein and saturated animal fat, with fat being the larger percentage.

The balance of calories required to maintain optimal health came from raw veggies, berries, fruits and nuts. It's only since the industrial revolution that our diets as humans started changing. Shifting to high-carb processed foods of pastas, soda's, candy bars and breads has changed everything.

Many top bodybuilders including Arnold, Zane and others, followed Vince Gironda's diet drinking protein drinks and eating steak and eggs, together with whole cream, etc. It was a healthier high protein, moderate fat with a low carb type of diet with plenty green veggies.

Years before sports science started iron guru Vince Gironda knew, or worked out that consuming dietary fat doesn't make people fat. It's the excessive consumption of calories and no exercise, as well as the way fats and carbohydrates are combined, which makes people fat.

Vince was an original thinker, not only with how to eat correctly but he broke many important barriers by convincing the people he trained that the muscle fibers need plenty of volume, 10 X 10 is serious volume. Vince was also the first decent strength coach to realize the importance of cycles.

Vince was a total renegade. He created many amazingly simple diets like the steak and eggs diet. You simply eat steak and eggs cooked in butter, raw, boiled, or fried. On this crazy diet there's no snacking, you're eating twice a day, you either eat breakfast and a dinner or lunch and a dinner.

Meal 1: 0.75lbs to 1. 5lbs steak with 4-6 eggs plus butter, prepared anyway you choose to eat them. Meal number 2: Same as meal number 1.

The extra nice part of this diet is that you don't have to count calories; this means you can have as much butter as you like. Every 5th day is your "cheat day", eat whatever you want. This extremely simple Vince Gironda Cutting Diet doesn't require anything, except willpower to stick to it as you watch the fat start melting away. Guaranteed!

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