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What effects do anabolic steroids have on the blood?

      Anabolic steroids may cause clotting factors in the blood
 ("platelets") to decrease in number.(1-4) 
 During a normal day, the body undergoes stress and minor damage. 
 Athletic training produces somewhat more damage.  This stress
 causes many minor internal leaks in the circulatory system. 
 Usually, there are no visible signs of this internal damage,
 although an extensive leakage may show up as a bruise.  Platelets
 are responsible for sealing off these leaks so that the circulatory
 system can continue to function.  Steroid abuse is associated with
 connective tissue injuries.(3)
      Steroids also appear to cause the remaining platelets to clump
 together more easily.(4)  This condition is known medically
 as "hyperaggregability," and can lead to blood clot formation,
 producing strokes, heart attacks and possibly death.(4-6)


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