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Do anabolic steroids cause kidney damage?

      There is no known toxic effect of anabolic steroids on the
 kidneys.  However, one study showed that long-term use of anabolic
 steroids decreased the amount of anabolic steroids excreted in the
 urine.(1)  At the same time, the excretion of
 corticosteroids was not affected.(1)  It is unknown why this
 decrease in anabolic steroid excretion occurs.(1) 
 No one knows whether the steroids not excreted by the kidneys
 accumulate in the body or are excreted in the feces.(1) 


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REFERENCES 1. Harrison LM, Martin D, Gotlin RW, Fennessey PV. Effect of extended use of single anabolic steroids on urinary steroid excretion and metabolism. J Chromatogr 1989;489:121-6. by Trent Tschirgi, R. Ph. (c) 1992 University of Maryland Office of Substance Abuse Studies. All Rights Reserved.
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