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What effects do anabolic steroids have on the stomach?

      There are no case reports in the medical literature of
 anabolic steroid interactions with the digestive system.  However,
 in high doses, anabolic steroids begin to have effects on the body
 like those of the other classes of steroids.(1-3) 
      Some medical conditions (such as ulcerative colitis) require
 people to take large doses of corticosteroids, sometimes for years
 at a time.  Severe cases are treated by surgery, which makes it
 unneccessary to take the corticosteroids.  In a third of these
 patients, withdrawal of corticosteroids causes temporary small
 bowel obstruction along with stomach pain, nausea and
 vomiting.(4)  There is no evidence that withdrawal from
 anabolic steroids leads to intestinal blockage in this way. 
 However, if a steroid user experiences stomach pain, ausea and
 vomiting after stopping steroid use, s/he should be seen by a


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Disclaimer: Steroid use is illegal in a vast number of countries around the world. This is not without reason. Steroids should only be used when prescribed by your doctor and under close supervision. Steroid use is not to be taken lightly and we do not in any way endorse or approve of illegal drug use. The information is provided on the same basis as all the other information on this site, as informational/entertainment value.

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