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Rich Piana, What's Wrong with Bodybuilding

Rich Piana Bodybuilding
Rich Piana is a perfect example of what's wrong with bodybuilding today.

On the 14th August 2017 Richard Piana collapsed in his home, he was placed into a medically induced coma but died August 25, 2017.

When police arrived on the scene after the ambulance took Rich Piana to hospital, they found cocaine and steroids in the house. If you've been following this ex-Mr. California's career you'll know that this 46-year-old bodybuilder openly admits taking steroids since he was 18 years old.

In an open press statement as well as social media Rich has said he started competing as a bodybuilder when he was 15 and has been cycling steroids for the last 27 years. He says that the only way to keep his muscle is to eat 9 times a day and take plenty of steroids.

Rich was found by his girlfriend Chanel, lying on the bathroom floor and she was unable to move his huge bodyweight. She explained to TMZ that the 911 operator told her to try CPR on her boyfriend who was now in a deep coma; she was unable to revive him.

Apparently Chanel tried to catch him when he collapsed in the bathroom, but couldn't due to his giant size. When the Florida emergency personnel arrived at his home on Monday afternoon at 1.30pm they said there was white powder with a credit card on the table in the living room.

The police said they also found over 20 bottles of testosterone in the house amongst other additives. Rich is one of the few competitive bodybuilders that openly said to the media that no-one can compete as a bodybuilder without taking steroids.

Rich has previously openly admitted to steroid abuse in several very popular Utube videos. Although he is no longer competitive in bodybuilding, he's got a massive following online of over 1.2 million followers just on Instagram. He launched several businesses to capitalize on this following, earning money through selling supplements, merchandise, and endorsements.

Since the Rich Piana death incident bodybuilding continues to get a whole lot of bad press as a result. Critics have seized the opportunity to explain that Rich is a perfect example of what's wrong with the sport today.

The problem is not that Rich was blatantly honest about his 20 years of injecting steroids; it's got to do with the bodybuilding parameters required to compete on a provincial or national level have changed completely. Since men like Dorian Yates started beating bodybuilders with better symmetry, better proportion and better aesthetics than him ONLY because he carried more muscle, everything has changed.

Suddenly bodybuilding was not about how a bodybuilder has molded his/her body into a perfectly proportioned, well balanced symmetrical body, but rather muscle size and depth. This changed everything and competitive bodybuilders realized that they ONLY way to compete is to build serious muscle size with the use of steroids, HGH, insulin, synthol, etc.

If we look back at the last 50 years of competitive bodybuilding we see superbly built aesthetic bodies like Frank Zane, Samir Bannout, or Chris Dickenson who have all won Mr. Olympia in the past. Bodybuilding critics explain that when bodybuilding turned from rewarding these men who presented a well-balanced aesthetic body to only rewarding men who presented more muscle, the sport changed forever.

The result has been a dramatic increase in "natural" competitions where all competitors are tested for steroids. The problem is that bodybuilding has millions of fans across the world these days, the end result is not the honest pursuit of health, strength and aesthetic proportion, but instead SIZE at all costs to health and morality. This has radically changed the reason why a bodybuilder competes.

In conclusion, the sport of bodybuilding has fallen into the hands of corruption where key principals have a financial reward in the countless supplements and steroids required to compete with so much muscle, the rules have changed. It's now a billion dollar industry and growing.

Today all professional bodybuilders survive and compete because of their sponsors. Many bodybuilding commentators' comment on this hypocrisy we see in bodybuilding, meaning building as much muscle as possible on your skeletal frame. They argue that the Adonis type, aesthetic symmetry of a male warrior gets lost and the sport has become ruled by money.

Because the top ten competitors at any Mr. Olympia competition are holding muscle that can only be sustained by taking illegal steroids, the sport of bodybuilding has been lost to the corruption of money. The pursuit of health, strength and fitness is the reason there are millions of bodybuilders all over the world. It's a shame that greed has affected this once honorable sport created by Eugene Sandow over a century ago.

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