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Plyometric Exercises for Bodybuilding

Plyometrics for Building Muscle

Plyometrics have been proven to help build strength as well as muscle. All plyometric movements start with the eccentric lengthening of the targeted muscle group, followed by a powerful concentric contraction. Plyometrics are important because they will improve your concentric contractions to sprint faster, jump higher or lift a heavier weight.

When you train plyometrically you increase your power/strength ratio, which means you will be able to sprint faster or jump higher. When plyometrics exerices are combined with bodybuilding you'll be able to maximize your strength and lift heavier weights to build more muscle.

If you randomly select body-parts that you train and replace a movement like bench-press with Plyo-push-ups you will get a stronger chest faster. You can train your whole body using Plyometrics, below is a list of common plyometrics movements with a brief explanation.

Plyo Push-Ups: A clap push-up without the clap, pushing your upper body completely off the floor.

Box Jumps: Get a box that is around knee height, you then squat down to parallel and jump on the box landing in a squat position, repeat 10 times.

Bounding: While jogging you push off with your left foot bringing your right knee to 90%, parallel to ground. You then pull both arms in as you jump forward at the same time.

2-Leg Bound: Starting in squat position, while using both arms and keeping both feet together you jump forward to land in squat position X 10 reps.

Single-Leg Bounding: Keeping one leg at 90% off the ground and then jump on your one foot forward.

Death Jumps: Standing on your jump box in a squat position you then jump onto the ground landing in a squat position. Use your arms to swing back as you jump back onto the jump box and repeat.

Travelling Push-Ups: First set up a low platform about half a foot off the floor. Your push-up position is then one hand on the floor one hand on the elevated platform. As you push up explosively you change hands so that your hands swop positions.

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