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Muscle Confusion Workouts for Bodybuilding

Muscle Confusion

If you have kept abreast with accepted proven studies on muscle growth, then you would have heard about muscle confusion routines. Muscle confusion is a bodybuilding training method where different muscles are trained in a different sequence changing sets and reps and sequence will prevent slipping into a training plateau.

The first objective when deciding to implement muscle confusion is to work out the ideal training frequency, where you train as often as you can but still allowing for full recovery. Beginners would only train three times a week as a result, training to the point of failure more often will only result in overtraining, for a novice.

Training a 3 day split means you'll be training the same body-part twice a week. For creating your own muscle confusion workouts you're going to forget all the normal sets and reps you do as well as the movements that you usually do. The point is that your own muscle confusion workouts you create is done on the spur of the moment, there's no planning.

The only plan you got when you walk into the gym is that you're going to train chest and back, or legs, or chest and shoulders that day. Select movements randomly and perform anything from 1 to 25 reps on a machine or a selected movement may sound a bit simpler than it actually is.

The reason you train is to push your body and your muscles to the extreme, keeping that in mind when you are creating your own muscle confusion workouts on the spur of the moment is vitally important. It needs to be noted that muscle confusion is grounded on the fact that you are not training like this every day, you're just shocking your muscles into growth or continued growth.

If you create muscle confusion workouts that's effective you will be very sore 48 hours after you train (DOMS) delayed onset muscle soreness. We have not included an example of what a muscle confusion workouts would look like because each muscle confusion exercise you create on the spur of the moment will only reflect your personal choices in sets, reps and movements.

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