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Workout Routine for MAA Fighters

MMA Workout Plan

MMA is a tough sport that requires more than just physical strength with plenty of endurance; MMA requires a mental toughness to get through a fight. The highly intense MMA workout plan listed below is something that will not only increase muscle mass as you get stronger in your core, but it will improve your endurance capacity as well.

The workout is very specific, starting with warm-up then a station workout and then one grip-strength movement. The objective at each of the 5 stations is to perform as many reps as you can in 5 minutes, resting 60 seconds, then onto the next station. These 5 stations are then repeated 3 times for a brutal 45 minute workout.


25 meter sprints will warm up your major muscle fibers for explosive strength movements. You should sprint out for 25 meters and walk back, doing that for 5 minutes. MMA workouts are split into 5 minutes because that's the length of one round during an MMA fight.

Station Workout 1:

This is separated into 3 different moves which are each done for 15 reps, moving from one movement to the next without stopping. Push-up 15 reps, Jumping Jacks 15 reps and then Bench Dips 15 reps. These 3 movements are performed continuously without stopping for 5 minutes.

Station Workout 2:

This workout is again 5 minutes with no break, designed to work you into complete fatigue this station starts with heavy bag burpees, done continuously for 60 seconds. For 2 minutes you take two 25lbs dumbbells and do clean and press and for the last 2 minutes just plain burpees.

Station 3:

The 5 movements listed below are each done for 10 reps, when finished the last rep of lunges you will immediately start from the top doing fast high knees. Try to move continuously pushing yourself to finish 10 reps for 5 minutes without stopping.

Fast high knees 10 reps
Mountain Climbers 10 reps
Jumping Jacks 10 reps
Plank Jacks 10 reps
Split Lunges 10 reps

Station 4:

Although working with a reasonable weight when doing the weight training movements listed below is required, it should be noted that form is much more important than the weight that you lift. Perform each of the 6 movements and then repeat for 5 minutes without stopping.

Squats 10 reps
Overhead Press 10 reps
Triceps Press 10 reps
Biceps Curls 10 reps
Shoulder Circles 10 reps
Bent-over Rows 10 reps

Station 5:

The last station is designed to stress you when you're at your weakest by doing central core movements when you are exhausted from doing the previous 4 stations.

Med-ball Touches 10 reps
Tire Sledge 10 reps
Power-reel Roll-outs 10 reps
Band-pull Snap-downs 10 reps
Grip-Work, 3 sets

All MMA fighters are required to have a very strong gripping strength which is trained as a cool down after the gut-busting 5 stations listed above have been completed.

Thick-rope Pull-ups 10 reps
Fat-bar Pull-ups 10 reps

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