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Great Ways to Improve Your Swimming Technique

Improve Swimming

Like everything in life, if you are going to do something, then make sure that you do it right, otherwise why bother. With swimming, the returns on your investment can be truly amazing. You'll increase your stamina, get a better overall muscle tone and definition, improve your cardiovascular fitness and also not have had to suffer the heavy impact of some alternate exercises. But these rewards can be multiplied, if only you improve your technique. Here we look at exactly how such subtle changes, can have profound results.


If you're wondering, "is there a swimming pool near me?" don't worry. It's easy to find a Pay As U Gym with private swimming pools near you and purchase drop-in passes, so you don't have to commit to a membership. Once you're at the pool, here are tips for making the most of your workout.

1. Swim long

Think of trying to get your body through the smallest "hole" in the water. Just as standing up tall elongates the spine and improves your posture, so swimming long improves your technique and reduces the drag effect of the water.

2. Full

When you jump, you do not just use your feet, but your legs, arms and full body for the best result. Think the same for swimming, do not just use your hands, grip the water with your full forearm, like you were digging a hole in the sand with no tools.

3. Rotate

Make sure that no stroke or element is wasted and ensure that there is a full rotation.

4. Head

Where your head goes then your body will follow, so it is crucial that you limit head movement to only the prescribed motions. The movement of your head is also tied in with the need to learn to breathe properly - see below

5. Glide

If you manage to improve how you glide through the water then you will need to engage less in the use of strokes and each stroke that you undertake will be more efficient. This will mean that you can swim for longer during a session and will help improve your stamina too.

6. Feet

If you learn to use your feet properly then your technique will improve many times over. Keep your feet flexible, kicking at the right point. A great teaching aide, is a pair of flippers, like you would use for snorkelling, they will help develop the full potential in your legs and feet.

7. Breathe...

Sounds simple, but when and how you breathe is one of the fundamentals of a good swimmer. Learning to get it right in the earliest stages will help you see the best returns on your invested times. Instead of many breaths, make each one count more. Beginners have a need to breathe on every stroke, but you'll soon be taking less regular but more effective breaths if you practice the technique.


A good test is to see your threshold. Swim 500 metres, with each 100 slightly faster than the one before and the last at 90%. Count your strokes per length of the first and last lap. Then do 100m sets resting for a quarter of the swimming time per set. Swim at a level of strokes just below your 500m last lap.


Never be too proud to ask for help. A good coach or trainer will help you identify faults and improve your technique, thus improving the returns.

In the End

If you are going to visit a swimming pool, then every visit should be an investment in yourself. Work hard and moreover smart, and you'll be the one to benefit.

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