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Gynocomastia and Steroids Bodybuilder Bitch Tits


In layman's terms, "bitch tits" mean Gynomastia, which is female breast devellopment in males. This condition often devellops with the use/abuse of anabolic steroids. The more your Testosterone level increases through the use of steroids, the more your Estrogen level will increase as well. This irregular raise in Estrogen, can cause several side effects. The biggest is "gyno" better known as "bitch tits". When you take steroids, your body reacts to the overabundance of artificial hormone by shutting of it's production of natural male hormone (testostorone). Once this happens, the testicles shrink and female breast development begins.  

Many bodybuilders will confuse having excess fat with having gyno. Excess fat around the breast area may resemble gyno but it is not a true case of gyno. If the real problem is just an excessive amount of fat then regular exercise and dieting will get rid of "man boobs". This an important distinction as one is the result of fatty tissue building up and the other is the byproduct of one of the three things listed above. Distinguishing between the two is also important because real gyno will not be cured by exercise. Real cases of gyno may be treated with medication or surgery prescribed by a qualified medical professional.  

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