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Dorian Yates Workout Philosophy

Dorian Yates Workout

Dorian Yates is no ordinary bodybuilder, Dorian just like Arnold has made a permanent impact on the sport of bodybuilding. Dorian is a thinker, when he decides to do something he does research. Dorian's 6 Mr. Olympia titles were not a mistake or luck; it was a deliberate and meticulously planned cycle of muscle growth and fat-loss.

Dorian knew upfront that competitive bodybuilding requires tremendous diligence together with pinpoint accuracy in dieting, training, and personal presentation. This all requires loads of mental tenacity just to be able to present the most impressive muscular physique that's as ripped to shreds as possible.

Stripping fat while building muscle is not something that happens by chance, it comes to those who can plan and execute very specific tasks that are selected from theorizing and analyzing training systems that work. From high reps to low reps, high fat diets to low fat diets, short workouts to long workouts etc.

Dorian has two nicknames from competing across the world, the first is The Shadow because he was able to come from nowhere and take big titles. His second nickname is The Beast from Britain because of his savage approach to his training, his gut wrenching tenacity and his killer instinct when he trains in the gym.

Dorian is passionate about bodybuilding and just like Arnold continues to make a contribution to the sport. But it's 40 years Since Arnold stood onstage and sports science changed everything; progressive resistance now has a very specific explanation of why and how it works.

Dorian is a scholar, his understanding of the complex language used to explain the principals of fat-loss are explained in detail by this man, for free. There are bodybuilding commentators that say everything about the sport has changed since Dorian. They even coined a phrase BD meaning Before Dorian with AD meaning After Dorian.

Dorian says he always trained with high intensity, doing just a few sets but always with maximal effort. He explains that he would usually do a few sets for warming up the joints but after that his objective is maximal effort. He does explain that he started changing things after he won Mr. O for the first time.

He says he got his muscle by training two sets to failure on each body-part. Dorian explains that after he reaches failure on the first set he would usually lighten the load by 5% to 10% in order to reach failure at the same number of reps in the second set.

Dorian explains that even if you're on steroids and can speed up recuperation, doing more than 2 sets to failure with maximum intensity is simply too much damage. Without recovery your muscles can't grow. Dorian explains in great detail how doing too much volume puts your body on the defensive instead of overcompensating like it should be doing for the muscles to grow.

Dorian says that eventually every bodybuilder needs to find a system/cycle/pattern that works for him or her. He explains that over the years he has experimented with what training schedule works best for him. Trying 4 day week training, 5, 6 and 7 days a week training have all been done by Dorian over the years to see what works best for him.

In conclusion, Dorian's says that from the novice bodybuilder training his whole body three times a week doing 3 sets per body-part, the intermediate bodybuilder training 4 times a week doing 4 sets per body-part to the advanced competitive bodybuilder training six times a week doing 20 sets per body-part, all have one thing in common as they get stronger. Intensity, a novice bodybuilder is simply unable to generate the intensity required to do maximum damage in only 3 sets. If a novice gets his/her squat to reach failure at 100lbs, that's a degree of stress your body has learned to handle and adapt to.

5 or 6 years later the same novice bodybuilder is squatting with 400lbs which is 4 times more stress/intensity that your body has adapted to. Dorian says that the same advanced bodybuilder still has exactly the same immune system, the same nervous system to help recovery. The ability to recover has not changed from day one but the advanced bodybuilder is able to generate more stress/intensity.

He then explains that progressive resistance is a fact; if you're eating enough protein and you're training hard (point of failure) then the muscle will get bigger as it gets stronger. His training philosophy is about reaching the point of muscle failure on a specific body-part using High Intensity Training (HIT).

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