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How to Bulk Up and Not Get Fat

Bulk Without Fat

If building good quality muscle that lasts was just stuffing your-self with 8,000 calories of pizza, burgers and fries, then nobody would have any problem gaining huge muscles. Just like your training needs to cycle to get results on a long-term basis, so does your bulk-up plan without gaining any fat.

If you start with the three basic meals of breakfast, lunch and dinner making up around 3000 to 3500 calories, then you got to find an extra 1000 to 2000 quality calories to add in-between those main meals. Having established that the "see food" diet doesn't work, the alternative of buying weight-gain shakes at a store is definitely not the answer because you're just buying empty calories with a poor quality protein.

Empty calories are exactly what they say; they have energy (calories) which get used up quickly, they empty. These are calories that come from sugar and all the many disguisers it uses. If you are a typical endomorph trying to increase your daily calorie intake, then the complex carbs and good quality protein that you eat will turn into muscle, if you're training hard not the sugar you eat.

Adding another meal between breakfast and lunch is not tough and neither is making a shake between lunch and your afternoon workout. If you select a good quality protein like whey powder you can easily make up your own mix to get that extra 800 to 1200 calories you want. All of this can be made at home to ensure that you get the very best, see an example below.

1-3 cups low fat milk = 300 calories
1-2 cups mixed berries = 200 calories
40-60 grams whey protein powder = 160-240 calories
1-2 tbsp natural peanut butter = 200 calories

Total: = 800-900 calories

If you're calorie counting having the above protein drink twice a day can increase your daily calories by up to 1800 calories using good quality complex protein with no refined sugar added. If counting calories isn't your thing it's easy to monitor by counting cups, scoops and/ tbsp. you use.

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