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Bodybuilding Workouts Over 50

Over 50 Workouts

The University of Chicago decided to study bodybuilding/weight training in the American population training after the age of 50 years old. The reason for this study was the myriad of negative side-effects that we all get from growing older, bodybuilding is now done more by men after the age of 50 than ever before, and statistics reveal this to be a growing trend.

The symptoms of aging include reduced muscle density, weaker bones, slowed brain function and diminished coordination - all of these are just a few of the many the negative side-effects of ageing. The study done at the University of Chicago was on training as a bodybuilder after the age of 50. It concluded with a suggestion that our biological age and not our actual age, is a better indicator of health.

Over the last 50 years the life expectancies of men and woman continues to shoot upwards, pressure to work longer and stay fit a lot longer has been felt by both men and women across the country. The problem is that as our longevity has increased over the last 5 decades, this aging population needs have more than doubled in the cost of daily frail care that they use to manage with in the past.

Fortunately, more than one study has now conclusively proven that it's possible to defy this aging process by simply picking up weights on a regular basis. To not only improve longevity boosting your health-span, but will also radically reduce the need for frail care in your twilight years. It's never too late to pick up a gym habit. You're never too old to get your dream body, never too "past it" to sculpt a summer six-pack at any age.

Studies done on the bodybuilding population of men over 50 years old show that most 50 and 60 - something's typically workout 7 or 8 times a month. This makes this section of the population our most regular gym-users in the USA. The over-50 bodybuilders are divided into 3 different types of people.

Firstly, those that have never stopped training;

Secondly those who used to train regular and have stopped;

Thirdly, those that who never trained with weights on a regular basis.

We will briefly cover these 3 different types of bodybuilders/weight trainers that train regular, yet are over 50 years old.

The person that has NEVER stopped training with weights

This fortunate and obviously disciplined person has a big advantage in keeping their body young, the problem is that as we get older we have to be careful of overloading the muscle fiber damage we're causing when training with weights.

Our daily testosterone production is less than half of what it was in our early 20's. This means increasing your recovery time by doing split training sessions. However, from a practical point of view, it's a lot more productive when training your body as a complete whole.

This means focusing on your functional fitness and not constantly doing a back-day, leg-day and an arm-day routine, but rather mixing it up and still doing a heavy lifting session, but always keeping focus on movement.

The person who used to train but has stopped

If you have not trained with weights for over 6 months then you need to leave your ego at home and use lighter weights. Form is everything, especially if you have experienced any injury in the past. Muscle memory is very good, you'll build muscle faster than you did the first time.

The problem is that when you're over 50 and you stop training with weights for 2 or 3 years, your muscle memory along with mobility deterioration is irreparable. It will still improve, get stronger and may grow slightly in size, but you migght never get your strength back that you once had.

The person that's never trained

It is NEVER too late to start training with weights. If you're over 50 and have never trained with weights on a regular basis, you need to first develop some confidence when doing basic movement drills. Movements like lunges, or a side lunge, or simply touching you toes is a good start.

Your flexibility and mobility, along with safety and correct form when doing any movement is paramount as you start to train with weights for the first time, if you're over 50. It is strongly recommended that you get guidance on the correct execution (form), sets and reps and the weight you should start with, etc.

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