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The Truth about Sex and Drugs in Bodybuilding

Bodybuilding Sex and Drugs

Did seeing Arnold smoking pot in "Pumping Iron" encourage future bodybuilders to use recreational drugs?

The sad truth is that bodybuilding has strayed from it's beginnings of being a healthy activity, bodybuilders are not just doing steroids and other prescription drugs like painkillers, but also drinking and doing street drugs like pot, cocaine, etc.

And morals have gone out and there are sex problems like promiscuity, cheating, pornography, prostitution, gay for pay, etc.

Steroids in sport generally have become a very hot topic in recent years. The simple reason is that more and more athletes are resorting to steroids to gain that small competitive edge that it takes to win in any professional sport. Some athletes will tell you that the rewards you get from taking steroids are not worth the risks.

The problem is that the rewards financially are increasing all the time. Sports science has shown us exactly why steroids are able to speed up recovery, increase intensity while training and speed up the rewards from hard training. Steroids come in all shapes and sizes, from orally taken tablets to injectable, dermal patches, nasal spray and even topical gel.

The improper use/overuse of anabolic and other steroids can lead to complete liver failure and liver tumors plus many other side effects we are not going to list here. Specific steroids have specific side-effects. For example, hormones are always affected when you take steroids, anabolic or otherwise.

Steroids short circuit your hormonal system. With side-effects that include infertility, breast and testicle enlargement, skin conditions etc. Because steroids increase hormones in the body you'll put on muscle faster, but unfortunately it will also change other bodily changes.

The problem is not only steroids, unfortunately what comes along with that "cheating" mindset of any steroid user is the temptation and strong possibility to wind up using street drugs to help training, etc. It starts with a little coke or just a small crack stone to help pep up your workout and the next thing the bodybuilder has turned into a drug addict.

Unfortunately it's not the only problem that this hypothetical bodybuilder whose now taking steroids of some description along with street drugs and probably has no problems loading himself with pain-killers to help him deal with an injury. He starts running out of money and ends up posing nude or prostituting himself (or herself) to the ever increasing "gay for pay" demand, only making a bad problem worse.

Taking steroids by anyone who's still growing is extremely harmful to your normal growth into a man or a woman. But steroids affect your cardiovascular system very badly, often causing heart enlargement, blood clots resulting in cerebral hemorrhage.

Your liver and kidneys process anything that goes into your body eventually and steroids adversely affect these two primary cleaning functions. Liver and kidney tumors or just a bleeding liver that can't cope directly affects everything. Using steroids excessively often causes jaundice and/or permanent liver damage.

Probably the most noticeable aspect of steroids, besides the extra muscles, is excessive mood swings often directly affecting the uses temperament. It needs to be said that bodybuilding is not the only sport that is ruled by excessive steroid use.

Professional bodybuilders that we see onstage and in magazines with paper-thin skin covering a mass of over-developed muscle comes from very specific steroids planned in a very specific cycle with a range of other growth-enhancing drugs. Most experts will agree that without the deliberate manipulation of your hormones, it's just not possible to pack on that kind of muscularity.

In conclusion, unless your life's ambition is to one day stand on a Mr. Olympia stage there's a lot that pumping iron can do for you without ever needing to take drugs. Not just the added muscle anyone will achieve with some sensible eating and training, but anyone who trains with weights on a regular basis should also enjoy growing self-respect, robust health and higher moral fiber.

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