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Bodybuilding Genetics

Do You Have the Genetic Potential for Bodybuilding?

How can you tell if you have good genetics for bodybuilding? One of the first things to look at is your body type.

There human body typically falls into one of three categories, which includes ectomorph, endomorph, and mesomorph. Ectomorphs are generally long and lean, endomorphs are round, and mesomorphs are muscular. And yes, there is some interplay between those (someone may be part mesmo and part endo, etc.) but generally a person leans toward one of the categories. You can get in front of a mirror and figure out which you are.

In general the mesomorph has the inside track to building a muscular body because they are already muscular, so bodybuilding makes them even more so. The genetic potential for successful bodybuilding is highest in the mesomorph body type. And a lot of the top pros have built their body the base of a mesomorph shape.

The mesomorph has all the advantages for genetic potential but that doesn't mean that you can't take your own body type and make it into a bodybuilding style physique. For one thing, an ectomorph has more advantages for staying trim. The tough part is building up sufficient muscle to fill the areas that you don't want to be trim.

The endomorph has a tough time with the trim part, but can put on muscle size fairly quickly. So both ecto and endo have some potential. But it requires a lot more work than does the mesomorph.

One area of real advantage for the endo and ecto is that they frequently work harder to bring the body into bodybuilding shape. Sometimes the mesomorph takes his physique for granted and never pushes the envelope for development.

There have been top bodybuilders from each of the body types. Steve Davis won multiple titles but started off as a very overweight endo. Amazingly, he transformed his physique into a very lean and muscular shape - and stayed that way.

Frank Zane was an ecto who climbed to the very top of the sport. So whatever base you start with, there is the potential for you to make tremendous progress.

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