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How The Arnold Schwarzenegger Low-carb Diet Can Help Your Bodybuilding Plan

Arnold Schwarzenegger Low-Carb Diet

Arnold Schwarzenegger was one of the stars of the bodybuilding world in the early 70s. He could successfully translate a career in bodybuilding to a political career and a successful stint in Hollywood as an action superhero. How did he achieve his amazing body which he maintained for more than forty years in perfect condition? The secret to his well-sculpted body is his diet. The Arnold Schwarzenegger Low-carb Diet was very popular back in the day and findings have shown that it has not really changed significantly. This means that you too can build your body based on a diet that has been in use since the 1970s.

The success of the Arnold Schwarzenegger Low-Carb Diet is why many bodybuilders today paid attention to their nutrition. By crafting a Low-Carb diet alongside working out and other activities, more bodybuilders could achieve stunning results and get better competition scores from judges.

The diet is a practical approach for weightlifters today who are looking to maintain their muscle mass and strength without a dependence on anabolic steroids. Low-carb diets were mainly composed of low-glycemic diets that contained a high amount of proteins.

Here's how to manage a low-carb diet plan as part of your bodybuilding program:

Protein for muscles

Protein is critical to building muscles. You should ensure that most of the calories that you ingest in a day come from proteins. About 35 percent is recommended because scientific studies by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics has shown that any more than that will not make you gain muscles any faster and can in fact be detrimental to you. Great sources of low-carb proteins are chicken, fish, eggs, nuts and cottage cheese. Protein shakes are a great way to have your daily fill of proteins. Arnold Schwarzenegger used to take about 5,000 calories daily to maintain his physique. Using bulk proteins and blending them into a shake is a convenient way to keep your protein needs satisfied.

Carbohydrates help with muscle sparing

A good bodybuilding diet must have a high proportion of carbohydrates included. For an effective meal plan like the Arnold Schwarzenegger Diet, 30 percent of all your calories are recommended to be from carbohydrates. You can get excellent carbohydrates from fruits, whole grains and low-fat dairy. Whole foods are also highly recommended because they are easier to digest. If need be, have many small meals during the day as these will help you train harder for longer than staying with a conventional 3-meal plan.

Fat is a great source of energy

For an effective low-carb diet plan, you should have about 30 percent of your calories from fats. Incidentally many great sources of proteins also provide you with the needed healthy kind of fat that your body needs to maintain an effective bodybuilding diet plan. You can get healthy fats from fatty fish such as tuna and salmon which also provide you with proteins. Avocado pears, nuts and seeds are also excellent sources of healthy fat. Fat is important because it is converted to energy for you.

Final words

The Arnold Schwarzenegger Low-Carb Diet is a blueprint that was established long ago and is one of the most important lessons that an aspiring bodybuilder can learn in order to achieve his dreams. Through focus and dedication to eating right, you can eliminate trial by error in your bodybuilding plan and map out a meal plan that will help you achieve a healthy weight and manage it for a very long time.

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